How to do make-up like Kylie Jenner, who has become a fashion icon: the main secrets

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Kylie Jenner is the founder of Kylie Cosmetics

The youngest of the Jenner family has managed to become famous not only for her wealth, chic mansions, luxury cars, but also for her cosmetics line. The best make-up artists work on the images of the 25-year-old American model Kylie Jenner, and all the fair sex try to repeat her make-up.

OBOZREVATEL will tell you how to make the iconic make-up of businesswoman Kylie and what mistakes prevented her from repeating her usual look. Just a warning, you should have a lot of cosmetics in your arsenal (to see photos and videos, scroll to the end of the page).

The main secrets of Kylie's make-up:

1. Dense matte foundation with a light satin finish;

2. Intense contouring with highlighting;

3. Thick, carefully drawn, graphic eyebrows;

4. Beige eyeshadow with a matte finish and highlighted eyelid crease;

5. Nude matte lipstick;

6. Intensely coloured or false eyelashes;

7. Highlighter on the cheekbones, in the inner corner of the eyes and under the lower brow line.


How to repeat the make-up of the younger Jenner?

1. Prepare your skin for foundation application. First, use a primer with reflective particles for a satin finish to the foundation or a silicone primer for a completely matte, velvety effect. Wait a few minutes and apply a thick foundation. Use a brush or a beauty blender to do this;

2. Apply light concealer under the eyes in the shape of an inverted triangle, as well as on the back of the nose, in the centre of the forehead and above the upper lip. Blend;

3. Define the eyebrows with a special eyebrow liner. Use a bevelled brush to draw the base and hover over the tip. In addition, Kylie often applies a little light concealer under the eyebrow;

4. Paint the mobile eyelid with matte eyeshadow, the shade of which is similar to your skin colour. Add beige-brown eyeshadow to the eyelid crease and blend thoroughly; 5. Use a dark pencil to work on the lid crease;


6. Apply several layers of eyelash colour or glue on false eyelashes;

7. Apply a beige-brown liquid matte lipstick to your lips;

8. Apply peachy pink blush to the apples of your cheeks;

9. Add a little glow to the cheekbones, under the eyebrow, in the inner corner of the eye and above the upper lip;

10. Fix the make-up with a setting spray.

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