How to chase the flies away at home and outdoors: a clever summertime tiphack

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Flies don't like shiny things, but they like sweet things

Summer attracts with its warmth and tasty gifts like berries, fruits and vegetables. But at the same time in the warm season we have to deal with a lot of unpleasant insects. In particular, with flies, which also do not mind enjoying the juicy summer fruits, so they fly into homes and circling in the street, flying in at the smell.

But how to get rid of flies near you? OBOZREVATEL found out about a simple fly swatter that will drive away annoying insects.

In order to make an effective repellent, you will need:

  • a thick transparent plastic bag, the best variant for freezing products;
  • water;
  • сoins - ideally copper coins or copper colored coins.

The bag should be filled with water and on the bottom put some coins. This bag should be carefully tied up and hung in a place where you want to chase the flies away.

This trick works because of the pesky insects' dislike of glitter. They are irritated by the glare of water combined with the glitter of coins.

You can also place homemade fly traps in the place where you plan to spend your time. To make one, cut a plastic bottle in half across. Pour sugar-sweetened water, sweet tea, or fruit juice into the bottom, then insert the top upside down so that the neck of the bottle is facing down. Flies, wasps, and other insects will be able to get into the trap to eat the sweet stuff, but it won't be as easy to get out of it. To get rid of fruit flies, you need to make the same trap, but with a narrower neck. For example, insert a funnel twisted from paper into it.

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