How to catch a lot of crucian carp in June: tips for fishermen

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Tips for fishermen

Crucian carp is one of the most popular fish species in Ukrainian territories. In general, it is an unpretentious fish, but it is worth knowing a few nuances concerning its catching.

The duration of spawning in shallow reservoirs may take a few days, but in large reservoirs the process lasts much longer. Dense vegetation, cold streams, low water temperatures can slow down spawning until the end of June. Crucian carp begin to nibble after spawning and a short rest period. Read how to catch a lot of crucian carp in June in the article OBOZREVATEL.

Features of June biting

During the post spawning period crucian carp actively replenish the lost energy, so they start looking for food, i.e. "pecking".

Experienced fishermen say: a large amount of algae in the pond leads to the fact that crucian carp may bite worse, because the lack of nutrients in the natural environment he is not experiencing.

As baits are suitable:

  • worms;
  • maggots;
  • bloodworms; worms; gnats;
  • oat flakes;
  • rye bread;
  • oilcake;
  • canned corn, etc.

When to go fishing

It is necessary to pay attention to the fish inhabiting the pond. If there are not many small nimble fish in the water, crucian carp will actively search for food in the morning and evening.

If there are roach, rutabaga or aperitifs in the river, crucian carp will bite in the daytime as well.

Carp bite best in a shallow river bay or on lakes, where lilies and reeds usually grow.

Features of rods and bait

Experts advise to choose a heavy rod with a thin line. The optimum thickness of the main line should be no more than 0,16 mm, and the lead should be 0,02 mm thinner.

As for the float, it is better to choose the type "goose feather" or similar forms.

As a bait will also work boltushka (semolina dough), pearl porridge or bread pulp.

Weather conditions for biting

Before you go fishing, pay attention to the atmospheric pressure. Sharp fluctuations in it, especially spikes upward, lead to poor biting.

Choose a period with a stable (at least a few days) atmospheric pressure. The best indicator varies between 755 and 765 mm Hg.

Warm weather the crucian likes, but the heat is not tolerated. It is best to "go for crucian carp" when the temperature begins to rise a few degrees after a cold spell. In cold weather, the fish usually goes to the depths.

Crucian carp begin to nibble at a temperature of +12 ° C. The upper limit of biting is +30 ° C, and the optimal +19 +23 ° C.

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