How not to cook shashlik: the top 5 most common mistakes

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Why I can't make a good shashlik

The first spring sun has already looked out, which means that the shashlik season has arrived. But many people have problems with the preparation of such a dish. The meat is tough, overdried, has not a very good taste. Therefore, the reasons for this phenomenon should be understood.

FoodOboz editors will tell you about the 5 most common mistakes that are often made when cooking kebabs. It is especially important to start with choosing the right meat.

The choice of meat


Many people are convinced that any meat is suitable for shashlik. But this is not true at all. To make the shashlik turn out soft and juicy - it is better to use for it the shoulder blade and neck of pork.

In addition, it is very important to choose the meat of a young animal. It must be fresh and not frozen at all. Otherwise, your dish will turn out tough and dry.

Incorrect marinade


If your meat is of good quality, it will not require additional softening with lemon juice, vinegar or kiwi. All of these components can only spoil the product. For a tasty shashlik, salt, pepper and onions are enough. Sour components must be definitely abandoned.

Pouring marinade over the meat during cooking.

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It is very common to see at picnics, when while roasting meat on skewers on top of the rest of the marinade. But that is why the kebab dries and burns, because the liquid from the marinade begins to evaporate. In addition, the meat roasts unevenly.

Pork enough to stay in a quality marinade a certain time - that will be enough.

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Cooking meat along with vegetables on a single skewer

For the meat to be juicy and well-cooked - the pieces must be placed tightly. Therefore, there is no place on the skewer for onions, tomatoes, bell peppers. Vegetables will be cooked very quickly and begin to burn. And the meat will not get better from this. For a pleasant aroma, you can simply put the meat in the same bowl together with the vegetables for a while.

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Combining the incongruous.

Salt, pepper and onions are the classic set of products for marinating meat for kebabs. But you can add other flavors. The main thing is to combine the products correctly. Excellent complement the taste of kebab components such as zira or cinnamon. As well as plums and apples.

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