"He turned out to be a Judas": Russian politicians proposed to ban Valery Meladze from entering Russia

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Meladze is touring Europe

After Valery Meladze was suspected of financing the Ukrainian Armed Forces, the aggressor country's statesmen began discussing his ban on entry to the Russian Federation. They argue that since the artist left Russia, he should not return to his homeland.

Russian State Duma deputy Vitaly Milonov suggested that the traitor should no longer be allowed to enter Russia, according to propaganda media. Vitaly Borodin, head of the Federal Project for Security and Anti-Corruption, wants the 57-year-old vocalist to be recognised as a foreign agent.

"Artists, popular people are trying to participate in this conflict. When people like Valery Meladze try to stick their proboscis in their pockets and sell tickets, it's a betrayal. I believe that Meladze should never appear in our country again," Milonov said.


Borodin, in turn, called the singer a "Judas" and a "traitor", because Meladze earned his name, money, fame and assets in Russia. The politician is furious about Valeriy's behaviour, demanding that he be severely punished.

"You, Valera, are a foreigner and not your own. You turned out to be a Judas who betrayed Russia. He often speaks against our country, although it gave him everything to become Valery Meladze. I believe that Meladze acted ungratefully towards Russia. I think that in the near future, the regulatory authorities will conduct a thorough check. We definitely don't need Russophobes at a difficult time," said the head of the Federal Project for Security and Anti-Corruption.

As OBOZREVATEL previously reported, Vera Brezhneva has decided to renounce Russia and sell all her Russian-language hits. She and Konstantin Meladze also want to get rid of the Russian-language repertoire of the band VIA Gra. The star family did not comment on this issue.

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