First hours of the invasion: a previously unseen video of Russian helicopters shooting down over the Kyiv Sea is published online

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The occupiers began to suffer losses in the first hours of the invasion
The occupiers began to suffer losses in the first hours of the invasion

A previously unseen video of the first hours of Russia's full-scale invasion of Ukraine has been posted online. It shows Russian helicopters heading to Gostomel suffering losses while flying over the Kyiv Sea.

The video was posted on social media. The Armed Forces of Ukraine gave a worthy rebuff to the enemy (to watch the video, scroll to the bottom of the page).

"Vyshgorod, February 24, 2022. The first day of a full-scale war. Russian helicopters are flying towards Gostomel and will suffer their first losses (which was also caught on video) flying over the Kyiv Sea," the message reads.


The footage shows more than 20 occupiers' helicopters flying towards the Gostomel airport. The aircraft of the terrorist country periodically threw out heat traps, but this did not help them - at least three helicopters were shot down by Ukrainian defenders.


It is worth adding that the author of the video, who was driving to work with his colleagues while filming the video, asked them whether it was worth driving in the direction where enemy vehicles were flying. This is how the heroic battle for the capital of Ukraine began.


In the first days of Russia's full-scale armed aggression, hundreds of enemy helicopters attacked the Gostomel airport. The terrorist country planned to land approximately 4,000 troops, but these plans were foiled by Ukrainian defenders.

The video contains foul language!

As OBOZREVATEL previously reported, the Russian invaders' attack on the Antonov airfield in Hostomel in the first days of the full-scale invasion was repelled by a civilian. A man named Ruslan corrected the actions and fire of the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

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