Find 10 differences: a puzzle for smart people

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You will have to look for the differences in the picture with a lavishly laid table

Difference-searching puzzles are a very exciting activity that allows you to test your visual and cognitive skills. They require a lot of concentration, memory, and reaction to cope quickly.

OBOZ.UA publishes such a puzzle dedicated to Thanksgiving, which is celebrated in the United States on the fourth Thursday of November. It is characterized by an increased level of difficulty. You need to find as many as 10 differences in a picture with typical holiday dishes.

Find 10 differences: a puzzle for smart people

Experts say that solving such puzzles helps to improve the functioning of both eyes and brain. And real champions are able to cope with this particular picture in 10 seconds. It sounds a bit unbelievable, but why not try it - set a timer and try to find as many differences as you can during this period.

You can even organize competitions with your friends to see who can do the best. But don't worry if you don't manage it in the allotted time. After all, this is not an exam and you can continue until you find all the answers, as long as you like.

However, the task is really difficult. Therefore, if you decide to use the hint, you will find a picture with all the answers below. The differences are circled.

Find 10 differences: a puzzle for smart people

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