"Do you understand what kind of contingent this is?" The captured occupier admitted that some of the invaders had never seen a phone in their lives. Video.

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The prisoner told about the reasons for the occupiers' failures at the front

One of the prisoners of the Russian occupiers admitted that one of the reasons for the failures of the army of the terrorist state at the front is their inability to use modern technology and gadgets. Many of the occupiers spent most of their lives in prison and did not have the opportunity to master them.

Now, this is a significant obstacle for them in performing the simplest operations, they simply wander around the area, not knowing how to use navigators. A video of the captured captor's story was published by Telegram channels (to watch the video, scroll to the end of the news).

According to the Russian, they were supposed to follow a certain route, but were physically unable to do so and only reached the desired point after a day.

"Do you understand what kind of contingent this is? Some of the guys have served 10-15 years in prison. They have never seen a phone in their eyes. He was given one here, they say, to look at and use. And he "came", for example, in 2006, when there were still "Siemens flashlights"..." - the occupier said.

He admitted that he himself had been in prison since 2015, when he went to war, and he also does not know how to use gadgets.

Recall that another captured occupier complained about the disorder in the Russian army. According to the Russian, he and his comrades were thrown to the front line to assault the positions of the Defence Forces instead of performing territorial defence tasks in Belgorod (Russia). After the group suffered heavy casualties, the survivors refused to continue fighting, but Russian officers beat them and threatened them.

As OBOZREVATEL reported:

- An occupant from Khabarovsk named Alexander Sergeevich Pushkin has been captured by the Ukrainian Armed Forces. The namesake of the famous Russian poet said that he allegedly refused to follow the orders of the Russian Federation's command and was taken to the battalion;

- A confession of a mercenary of the occupation army of the Russian Federation about how bad their command is was published online. He complained that the unfortunate mobilized men were forced to buy military ammunition and were sent to assault AFU positions instead of the promised leave.

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