Cuddling with Kirkorov while Ukrainians were being killed: traitor Anna Asti boasts of awards in Russia. Photo.

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Anna was named "Singer of the Year" in Russia

Anna Asti (real name: Anna Dziuba), a vocalist from Cherkasy, who has been silent about the war in Ukraine and continues to work in the aggressor country, decided that it was time to show off her Russian awards. At the Zhara Music Awards, held in Moscow on April 6, the singer was named "Singer of the Year". She also received an award for a song she performed with Kirkorov.

Dzyuba posted a post on Instagram, emphasising that she could not sleep after the ceremony because her emotions were overwhelming. During the event, the girl screamed with happiness and hugged Kirkorov. By the way, Philip openly supports Russian aggression and oppresses Ukrainians (to see the photo, scroll to the end).

"I couldn't even sleep well tonight... 5!!! Karl!!! We won five statuettes at the Zhara Awards!!! I've never cried so much at an award show before. For a few seconds yesterday I thought it was a dream, but no!" Anna wrote in her personal blog.


The Putinist listed her awards, proud of the fact that while the Armed Forces of Ukraine are defending the freedom and independence of her native country, the Russians she entertains are mocking her own compatriots. Asti showed off her statuettes for "Artist of the Year", "Album of the Year", "Female Video of the Year", "Singer of the Year" and "Song of the Year".


The traitor made sure that no one wrote criticism under the post. Apparently, she cleaned up the comments and further banned subscribers from leaving their opinions under the post.

Interestingly, when the full-scale invasion of the Russian Federation began, Anna Dziuba was in Ukraine. She knows what it's like to live under fire and hide in bomb shelters. But even this did not stop the artist from returning to Russia to continue building her career and flaunting her awards.

As OBOZREVATEL previously wrote, Anna Asti lost her business in Russia because of her Ukrainian passport. The supporter of Putin's regime can no longer be an entrepreneur because her document confirming the right to temporarily or permanently reside in Russia has expired. She has not yet received a passport of the aggressor country.

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