Can you eat tomatoes with white veins: they can indicate a disease

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Are white veins harmful in tomatoes

Sometimes, apparently, bright and large tomatoes can turn out to be unripe and hard when cut open, exhibiting unexplained white streaks and lacking flavor.

The most common cause of this is histoplasmosis. To understand why tomatoes have white streaks inside and whether vegetables can be consumed after late blight, read the OBOZREVATEL article.

What is phytoplasmosis

Phytoplasmosis most frequently affects plants in the southern regions of Ukraine, where high temperatures persist from early spring to the first frosts, and air humidity is relatively low.

This disease can result in a 70% loss of the crop. If phytoplasmosis affects the plant early in its development, the fruits may not set, and as fruiting begins, the tomatoes can turn white inside and become hard in texture.

Externally, phytoplasmosis can be identified by greenish-yellow spots extending from the stem to nearly the middle of the fruit.

The carriers of the infection include:

  • Aphids
  • Scoops
  • Cicadas
  • Moths
  • Leafhoppers

To protect tomatoes from the disease, it's essential to treat them against pests. Regular weeding and maintaining clean beds are also important.

Why do white veins appear in tomatoes

The appearance of white veins can also be influenced by weather conditions. In cases of excessive heat and insufficient watering, lycopene, responsible for color, will stop accumulating in tomatoes. The fruits will start to lighten, become hard, and lose their taste.

Another reason is an imbalance of nutrients, either a deficiency or excess of potassium, nitrogen, or calcium.

White streaks also occur with excessive nitrate fertilization.

Can you eat tomatoes with white veins

It is advisable not to consume unripe, hard, and light inside tomatoes with white veins. While they may not necessarily cause poisoning, they may not provide any nutritional benefits.

This caution is especially true for store-bought vegetables, as white veins are a primary indicator that tomatoes have been overfed with nitrates.

Earlier, OBOZREVATEL told you how to save wilted tomatoes.

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