Better signal: where to put a Wi-Fi router in your apartment

Proper router placement plays an important role in Wi-Fi signal quality

Most people often experience the problem that the Wi-Fi signal has uneven strength in different rooms. This is not a problem with the provider, it depends on the location of the router.

To place it correctly, you need to take into account various factors. OBOZREVATEL has collected tips to help you figure it out.

Find the central part of your apartment and place the router there. This will allow you to evenly distribute the Wi-Fi signal in all rooms.

Avoid rooms with a lot of obstacles, such as walls, furniture, and metal structures. They weaken the signal. Therefore, it is better to place the device in an open space.

In any cafe or restaurant, the router is placed on the ceiling or under the ceiling. Because the higher the device, the better the signal. If you have several floors in your house, it is better to place it on the middle floor. If the signal is still weak, install another device.

Also, do not install the router close to electronic devices. Avoid TVs, microwaves, speakers, and kitchen appliances. Their operation worsens the quality of the Wi-Fi signal and creates a large amount of electromagnetic interference.

If the signal is still weak after following the tips, you should move the router to different places to find a suitable room. Check the signal quality using a special app.

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