3-year-old daughter lost her boxer dad: European champion killed in the battles with the occupiers near Kreminna

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Maksym Galinichev was a talented boxer

A young but already titled Ukrainian boxer, Maksym Galinichev, was killed in action with the Russian occupiers in the Luhansk region. The European Youth Champion and Youth Olympic Games medallist voluntarily went to defend his homeland in May 2022, and in March 2023, his fighting career ended near Chervonopopivka.

Before boxing, Galinichev used to play field hockey, but he broke his roller and never went again. He also went cross-country skiing for about six months, even competed in competitions, but gave it up. And then, at the age of 10, his father took him to a boxing section, following his older brother Maksym.


However, at the first attempt, the boy did not succeed in fisticuffs, as they say. Galinichev went to training for a few days and then gave up. "At first, the most difficult thing was to accustom myself to discipline and a strict routine. But over time, I realised that you can't do without it - it's your bread," the fighter said.


The turning point in the career of the athlete occurred in 2010, when in his native Shostka held the first Championship of Ukraine on boxing. Maxim watched the fights of experienced fighters, members of the national team and after that he really wanted to do boxing, he wanted to go to the ring himself.


Galinichev was incredibly persistent and hardworking. He was said to have worked hard in training.

"I've noticed that those who don't work hard have a hard time showing good results. I try to give my best in training. The main thing is to work hard and not give up," said Maksym.


The boxer's first trainer, Nikandr Russkikh, saw great potential in the boy and advised him to enter a sports boarding school in the capital. Maksym studied there for four years and then returned to Sumy, where he was trained by an experienced specialist Vladimir Vinnikov, who, in particular, trained world champion and 2012 Olympics medalist Taras Shelestyuk.


His first major success came when he won the bronze medal at the Ukrainian Championships. "Then I said to myself: I have to win the next competition," Maksym recalled.

Galinichev continued to progress and in 2017, at the age of 17, he won the gold medal at the European Youth Championships, defeating all his opponents 5-0. And then he confirmed his title in 2018 in the 56 kg category and won a ticket to the 2018 Summer Youth Olympic Games in Buenos Aires.


At the Games in Argentina, the Ukrainian won a silver medal and, as he later admitted, met the strongest opponent of his career in the final of the Youth Olympic Games - the extremely technical boxer from Uzbekistan Abdumalik Khalakov, who became the world vice-champion among adults in 2021. But Maksym planned to measure his strength against him.


Galinichev also planned to "pay back the debt" to the Russian, whom he met in 2021 in the final of the European Under-22 Championship: "It was an even match with the Russian - unfortunately, the judges gave the victory to my opponent. I'm going to 'pay back the debt' in 2022." However, fate decreed that in 2022 Maksym would fight with other representatives of the Russian Federation.


Less than a month before Russia's full-scale invasion, on January 30, 2022, Maksym Galinichev became the Ukrainian under-22 boxing champion in the 54 kg weight category. And already in May he deliberately refused to participate in the European championship and went to volunteer in the airborne assault troops.


Boxer served in the 25th Separate Airborne Sicheslav Brigade. He has been through many hotspots in Ukraine. Over the past year, the brigade's fighters took part in the battles near Bakhmut and Sloviansk, assaulted Izyum and encircled the Lyman.

Galinichev was wounded twice, but after recovering, he still returned to the front. However, on March 10, 2023, Maksym was killed in the Luhansk region in the battles with the Russian occupiers for the village of Chervonopopivka near Kreminna.


Despite his young age, the 22-year-old boxer already has a family and a young daughter, Vasilina, who turned three in February.

"Of course, I will teach her the basic boxing techniques so that she can defend herself. My task as a parent is to show my child different paths, and she will choose the one she wants," Maksym told


Those who followed Galinichev's career remember him as a persistent fighter who always showed interesting boxing. He dreamed of winning the Olympic Games, but instead gave his life for Ukraine.


Earlier OBOZREVATEL reported that the young commander saved 80 brothers-in-arms near Bakhmut and died in the battle for the fortress city.

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