Why add sugar while cooking dumplings: a surprising idea

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Cooking homemade dumplings

There are few people who don't like delicious meat dumplings. Especially hot, freshly cooked ones. But recently, a new trend has emerged in the gastronomic world - fried dumplings. To make the dish perfect, sugar is added to it.

The idea was published on inka_andreeva 's Instagram page. According to this method, sugar is added to the soy sauce in which the products are cooked. This creates a very spicy caramel crispy crust on the dough.

How to cook fried dumplings with soy sauce and sugar


  • small slightly frozen dumplings
  • soy sauce
  • sugar
Soy sauce and sugar - ingredients for dressing

Method of preparation:

1. Pour vegetable oil into a preheated frying pan and add the dumplings.

2. Fry until golden brown.

3. Put the dumplings on a plate, pour the remaining oil from the pan - it should be dry.

Cooking crispy dumplings in a skillet

4. Add a little sugar to the soy sauce.

5. Pour back the dumplings and pour in the soy sauce.

Serving fried dumplings

6. Simmer the dumplings until tender, covered.

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