What foods you should definitely eat in spring: an expert's answer

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How to eat right in spring

Most experts are convinced that spring is a particularly difficult period for the body. This is because the body gradually begins to adapt to the warm season, which is associated with many exacerbations and vitamin deficiencies. Therefore, we have an important task to help the body cope with this. Specifically, to pay attention to nutrition and include certain foods in the diet.

Dietitian Tetiana Yarmoshuk (dietolog.t_yarmoshuk) shared on her Instagram page how to eat in spring and what foods should be added to your diet.

How to eat right in spring

Some tips from an expert

– With the onset of the warm season, you need to switch to lighter and lower-calorie foods.

– It is important to focus on seasonal products, as they have the highest content of nutrients and the lowest amount of chemical impurities. By the way, this applies to any season.

Seasonal spring vegetables

– The temperature of the dishes themselves may be cooler than in winter. But it is still recommended to drink warm drinks.

– Add foods with a natural bitter taste (cilantro, arugula, mint, dandelion tea) to your diet. They support the normal functioning of the liver and gallbladder.

What greens are important to eat in spring

– Diets and various calorie restrictions should be abandoned – the body is already weakened after winter.

Foods to add to your diet:

Foods rich in calcium

1. All seasonal vegetables and herbs.

2. Sprouts and microgreens (they have a high concentration of vitamins and minerals).

Fermented foods to eat in spring

3. Fermented foods (they are rich in vitamin C and beneficial bacteria).

5. Foods rich in calcium (hard aged cheese, sesame seeds, nuts, sardines).

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