Top 3 life hacks that will make your baking unsurpassed: what eggs to use and how to grease the mold

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Life hacks for perfect baking. Source: Pixabay

Even experienced cooks sometimes make mistakes that make their baked goods less than perfect: not as fluffy, sticking to the mold, or burning.

The Insider magazine convinces us that some simple life hacks will make your baked goods irresistible and help you avoid unpleasant consequences.

What to do to make sure your baked goods are perfect

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Experienced chefs recommend using unsalted butter for baking, especially for cakes. This is because the presence of salt in the product can change the chemical composition of other components. As a result, the finished product will not have the perfect taste and texture.

What kind of butter to use for baking

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Before adding eggs to the dough, cool them to room temperature. Eggs at room temperature make the dough more even and create a fluffy texture.

Which eggs to use for baking

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Breadcrumbs can help prevent products from burning and sticking to the mold. It is best to use them in tandem with butter. First, grease the mold with butter, and then sprinkle with breadcrumbs.

What to do if baked goods stick to the mold

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