The perfect puffy omelet: top 3 cooking secrets everyone should know

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The perfect omelet recipe

One of the simplest egg dishes is, of course, the omelet. And even such an elementary dish is easy to spoil. Therefore, it is important to know some secrets here.

The editors of FoodOboz will share with you three important secrets for making a perfect and fluffy omelet.

Secrets to making the perfect omelet

1. Eggs. First, they must be fresh. Secondly, well beaten so that the omelet cooks evenly.

2. A lid. An omelet must always be cooked under a lid - this is a must.

3. Butter. Although most people cook their omelet in vegetable oil or lard, the best base is butter, which makes the dish tender and flavorful.

How to make a tender and fluffy omelet

One of the cooking blogs(aleksa_litvish) on Instagram posted a recipe for a very tender omelet, which is made without milk and tastes like a soufflé.

Egg omelet recipe with no milk


  • eggs - 3 pcs.
  • butter


  • spinach - 100 g
  • garlic
  • salt, pepper
  • Parmesan

Method of preparation:

1. Eggs in a bowl and start beating with a mixer, periodically changing the speed from low to high. Beat for about 6 minutes until the mass becomes creamy. While beating, you need to salt the egg mass.

2. Heat a frying pan and grease with oil. Pour the egg mixture and cook on medium heat for 3 minutes.

Ingredients for an omelet

3. Then you need to put a few pieces of butter under the bottom of the omelet and cook for another 2 minutes.

4. After that, take the pan off the heat and leave it for 3-5 minutes, considering how you want to get the readiness of the omelet.

How to fry a delicious omelet

5. In the meantime, sauté the spinach in the oil for a few minutes. In the process add sliced garlic, salt and pepper.

6. Serve the spinach omelette and sprinkle with Parmesan. Done!

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