The most unhealthy pizza has been named: it is better not to order it in cafes

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How to cut a pizza into equal slices

hen you don't have enough time to cook, the ideal option is to eat pizza in a cafe or order delivery. But among the most popular and delicious pizzas, there are some that are quite unhealthy. You should avoid them.

The FoodOboz editorial team will tell you which pizza will have a negative impact on the body. It's all about the ingredients that go into the dish.

This pizza contains a lot of salami and hot jalapeno peppers. We are talking about "Papieroni". The dish will be especially harmful for people suffering from digestive disorders.

The pizza ''pepperoni'' is quite unhealthy

As for Hawaiian pizza, it is also not very healthy. The main ingredient in this dish is canned pineapple, which contains a lot of sugar.

Pizza with pineapple

People suffering from pancreatic disease should not eat pizza with mushrooms.

There is a lot of sugar in canned pineapples

Pizza with a lot of mayonnaise and tomato sauce is also very unhealthy. The dish will be very high in calories, and you will want to eat it again and again. Therefore, there is a risk of gaining weight.

Pizza with mushrooms is not for everyone

If you can't imagine your life without pizza, cook it at home and make sure it contains enough healthy and nutritious ingredients. And it's best to eat the dish after sports.

Homemade pizza

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