How to purify water at home: the top 3 best practices

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How and with what to purify water at home

Since the quality of water directly affects the state and health of our body, it is very important to drink only purified water and to use filtration. But if you don't have a filter, there are more alternative methods.

The FoodOboz editorial team will share methods that will help you purify water at home.

Method 1: Chlorine and iodine tablets

These tablets are sold in stores and are designed to disinfect water. All you need to do is put a tablet in the water and you can drink it in half an hour. This is a fairly quick and reliable life hack.

Method 2: Freezing

Put cold water from the tap in a large, lockable container and put it in the freezer for one day. Heavy water containing nitrates, iron, and other harmful substances collects in the center and at the bottom of the container.

Using hot water pressure, melt and wash the bottom and center, leaving only crystal clear ice. To avoid melting too much ice, place the container on its side and make a through hole in the center of the container.

It is important to melt the bottom gradually. So, to do this, you need to periodically turn the container over. As a result, not much clean and transparent ice should remain. You need to transfer it to a new container and wait until it melts completely.

Method 3: Filter at home

1. The basis of the filter will be a jug and a large watering can. The second one should be installed in the jug, and a small piece of gauze should be cut off - this is necessary to prevent filter particles from getting into the water.

2. The second layer is cotton wool - it needs to be laid out in a small layer.

3. The third layer is gauze again.

4. Next is the most important filter part - activated carbon. You will need 5 packages. Spread the tablets over the entire surface of the filter.

5. Put 2 more layers of gauze on top of the activated carbon.

6. Another important component is river sand. It should be washed well, fried in a frying pan and spread over the entire surface, tamping it down.

7. Finally, cover the sand with gauze. Leave a space in the watering can that will be filled with dirty water.

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