How to peel beets and not get dirty: the fastest method

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How to quickly peel beets in 1 minute. Source: Pixabay

Beetroot boasts a huge amount of useful vitamins and elements. However, peeling them is a bit of a chore. Fortunately, there is one simple way to do it in just 1 minute without getting dirty.

FoodOboz has gathered information for you and will tell you how to quickly peel beets without getting dirty .

How to quickly peel beets in 1 minute

In order to use this method, you will need:

  • large amounts of ice or cold water

The method of peeling:

1. Boil beets until tender.

How and how long to cook beetroot

2. Drain the water in which the beets were cooked and pour cold water into the pan. You can add ice cubes.

3. Immerse your hands in the water and gently mash the beets. You will notice that the skin will begin to fall off on its own.

How to peel beetroot without getting dirty

It is the use of cold water that allows you to effectively remove the peel and not damage the beets as they keep their shape well.

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