How to make peach marshmallows: a delicious homemade dessert

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Recipe for homemade peach marshmallows. Source: Pixabay

Who doesn't love airy, delicate and flavorful marshmallows that just melt in your mouth? So, while the peach season is approaching, make a delicious dessert out of them. Homemade peach marshmallows are perfect for a cozy family tea party, and the process of making them is very simple and fun.

Food blogger Valeria (yummy_pp_lera) shared a recipe for peach marshmallows on her Instagram page.

Recipe for homemade peach marshmallows

Ingredients (for 14 halved or 7 full marshmallows):

For the syrup:

  • peach puree - 75 g (200 g of peaches)
  • sugar - 140 g
  • water - 50 ml
  • agar-agar - 5 g
  • orange dye
Homemade natural marshmallows

For the meringue:

  • egg white - 35 g
  • citric acid - a pinch
  • sugar - 35 g

For the sprinkles:

  • corn starch - 5 g
  • powdered sugar - 10 g

Method of preparation:

1. First, prepare the syrup. To do this, make cuts in each peach and immerse them in boiling water for 30 seconds. Then immerse in ice water and cool completely. Remove the peel and pits and mash until smooth.

Homemade peach marshmallows

2. Put the peach puree on fire and cook until it thickens.

3. Add sugar, water, agar-agar and dye to the finished puree and mix. Put on medium heat and bring to a boil. Then reduce the heat slightly and keep stirring for 4-5 minutes.

4. At this stage, prepare the meringue. To do this, add acid to egg whites and beat at medium speed with a mixer until foamy.

Easy marshmallows at home

5. Then gradually add sugar and beat until peaks form.

6. Continue beating and add the hot syrup. Beat at the maximum power of the mixer for several minutes until thick and dense.

7. Quickly put the resulting mass into a pastry bag and put the marshmallows on parchment. Leave at room temperature for several hours or better overnight.

Peach marshmallows with agar-agar

8. Form marshmallows. To do this, combine two halves of marshmallows and sprinkle with a mixture of powdered sugar and cornstarch. Store in a closed container.

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