How to cook millet properly so that it does not become bitter: secrets of cooking

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Millet porridge is a very healthy, tasty and satisfying cereal that can be successfully combined with bacon, cutlets, meatballs and salads. However, it often happens that when cooked, the porridge starts to taste unpleasantly bitter.

What is the reason and how to cook millet so that it does not become bitter, FoodOboz will tell you.

How to cook millet correctly so that it does not become bitter

The main reason why the product starts to become bitter is that the grains of porridge contain bitter vegetable oils. To avoid unpleasant moments, millet must be properly prepared for cooking.

To do this, pour the cereal into a deep bowl and cover it with warm water. In this form, the groats can be left for a while, then drained and repeated.

How to cook millet deliciously

Important: When the water becomes clear, it means that millet is ready for cooking.

To be sure of the result, it is best to pour the groats into a sieve and pour boiling water over them after rinsing. This life hack will also help remove excess substances from the product.

How to properly cook millet in water

If you are cooking millet in water, for example, it is equally important to observe the proportions. Approximate ratio: 1 cup of cereal \ 4 cups of water. Millet should be poured into boiling water and cooked over low heat under a lid for about 20 minutes.

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