Top 3 harmful culinary habits you need to get rid of right now

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Bad culinary habits. Source: Pexels

Most of the cooking habits housewives have learned from their grandmothers. And while some of them are really effective, others can even be harmful. Therefore, everyone needs to know about them.

The FoodOboz editorial team has selected the top 3 bad cooking habits that you should get rid of right now.

One cutting board for all products

This is probably the most common mistake that housewives don't pay enough attention to. However, most foods should not be cut on the same board. Even if you wash the board on which you cut one product and then decide to cook something else on it, you can hardly be sure that there are no small particles of the previous food left on the board. This can sometimes be dangerous.

Defrosting and marinating food at room temperature

More precisely, defrosting and marinating food right on the kitchen table. You shouldn't do this at all. At room temperature, bacteria start to grow and multiply faster, and this is dangerous for health. It is best to defrost the food in the refrigerator, and put it there after marinating.

Frequent mixing of ingredients during cooking

It is not advisable to do this more than once. This way, you do not allow the food to cook evenly and there is a high probability of turning the dish into a "porridge".

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