Dangerous buckwheat: what foods are strictly forbidden to eat porridge with and why

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Boiled buckwheat. Source: depositphotos.com

Buckwheat is a popular and at the same time one of the healthiest cereals, which is often supplemented with vegetables, meat, mushrooms, and eaten with salads and gravy. However, few people know that it is not recommended to eat porridge every day, and it does not go well with all foods.

The FoodOboz editorial team has gathered information and will tell you why you shouldn't eat buckwheat every day and what foods it's best not to combine it with.

How to cook buckwheat properly and healthily

The dangers of buckwheat, or why you shouldn't eat it every day

According to experts, the rule that the more buckwheat you eat, the better you are does not work. Eating buckwheat every day, there is a risk of allergies, gastrointestinal problems, hormonal disruption, and in some cases, nervous system disorders.

While following a buckwheat diet, the body can also become dehydrated, namely, lose a lot of water.

Why you can't eat buckwheat every day

Therefore, the recommended daily intake of buckwheat porridge is 150-200 grams.

What is forbidden to eat buckwheat with?

In order for buckwheat porridge to be beneficial to the body, it needs to be cooked properly. This means boiling the product, not steaming it. It is also necessary to soak the cereal before cooking.

How not to eat buckwheat

In its finished form, porridge should never be combined with kefir and milk, fatty fish, semi-finished meat products, or sugar. Otherwise, you risk feeling heavy and bloated.

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