What shadows to choose to look younger: 3 shades that work wonders. Photo.

Some shadows help you look younger

Eye make-up is one of the most difficult elements of anti-aging make-up, because it is around the eyelids that micro-wrinkles form. To disguise them, you need to choose eyeshadows with a smoothing effect.

In age makeup, it is important not to emphasise eye colour and personality with bright shades, but to mask problem areas. OBOZREVATEL decided to tell you about 3 successful shades of eyeshadow (scroll to the bottom of the page to see the photos).


Brown shades are one of the most versatile. Light tones can be safely used for daytime makeup, and darker ones can be used to create a smokey eye. Chocolate shadows hide wrinkles and make your eyes look deeper.



A pink shade, which is often replaced by blush, boasts a smoothing effect. The romantic colour will add lightness to your make-up and refresh your appearance. Shimmer eyeshadow will also set off the shine of the eyes.


With a green tint

Cosmetic products with a green tint mask red spots. No wonder women with problem skin use make-up bases with a green tint. For the eyes, the effect will be similar. Such shadows will mask a tired look and redness in the eyes after a day's work.


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