Vasyl Shkliar predicted when the war will end and impressed with a story about how Ukraine is being helped by higher powers

Vasyl Shkliar

Famous Ukrainian writer Vasyl Shkliar, who often visits the frontline, speculated on when the war in Ukraine would end. He also recalled stories of how nature itself helps our military.

According to Vasyl Shkliar, in the war, we have to rely only on our strength, but we should not forget that we are now very dependent on our allies. Shkliar spoke about this in an interview with OBOZ.UA.

"I am often asked this question, when will the war end," says Vasyl Shkliar, "but I think that no one, not even the most respected molfars, will give an answer. Unfortunately, we are dependent on many factors. Especially on external factors. On the one hand, it is very good that we have allies. Perhaps for the first time in history. They really help us a lot, but we are very dependent on them. Unfortunately, we are not self-sufficient in the production of our military resources – weapons, etc. We cannot rely only on our forces. Although our forces are the main thing we can rely on. And it is difficult to predict anything for the future. We can only say the well-known phrase that this war will end finally when the Moscow empire is destroyed. This is what we all want fiercely."

Vasyl Shkliar predicted when the war will end and impressed with a story about how Ukraine is being helped by higher powers

The writer often visits the frontline and confirms the information that sometimes the military encounters amazing stories, when it seems that nature itself and higher powers help them.

"First of all, I want to say that mysticism is in the traditions of the Ukrainian military," says Shkliar. "We also had such a phenomenon as characterization. Among the Zaporizhzhia Cossacks, we know of warriors who were credited with possessing magical powers. Some historical figures, such as Ivan Sirko, who, according to legend, could turn into a wolf, were also considered to be characteristic. And the Cossacks could swim across the Dnipro on a felt mat."

"All of this is, of course, an exaggeration, but myths must exist in our culture, in our history, as they do in all nations. However, despite all the fiction and speculation, we know that there were soldiers who had special abilities. They were trained in special units. In today's terms, they were a kind of special forces. Despite all the tragedies, they were able to fight cheerfully, with imagination. And there is such a guy in my book Black Sun, which is dedicated to the Azov fighters," the writer adds.

"It is interesting that his story had a continuation later," says Shkliar. "When the tragedy in Olenivka occurred, where the occupiers burned our prisoners in a barracks, I received a call from a friend who said that my hero had died. Later, the phone rang again, and the name of this guy came up. I picked up the phone with a trembling hand, thinking that relatives were calling for advice or help. But I turned on the phone and heard his voice: "I came out of that hell. You know I have a strong character." There are happy stories like this. Now he is back on the contact line, fighting."

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