Time to throw it away and forget it! 5 women's jackets that have long gone out of fashion. Photo.

Women's jackets that have long gone out of fashion

Every self-respecting fashionista should have a stylish jacket in her wardrobe, and preferably more than one. It is a spectacular addition to any look, goes well with trousers, skirts or dresses, and with the onset of warm spring days, it can even serve as outerwear. But the key word here is not so much "jacket" as "stylish". After all, by wearing a model from the list of anti-trend items, you risk ruining even the most fashionable look.

We offer you to get acquainted with this list in the OBOZREVATEL material. It includes five jacket models that should have been thrown away a long time ago and never bought again - otherwise you risk being branded as bad taste.

Very narrow jacket


Tight-fitting styles were in trend 10 years ago. Not only are they no longer relevant, but they are also catastrophically uncomfortable. Moving freely in such a jacket is an almost impossible task. In the era of oversized jackets, you know what model to buy to replace them, but if you prefer fitted styles, it doesn't matter. Choose a slightly fitted jacket, but not a narrow one, but a loose fit.

Prints, accents, colour details


Yes, creativity and brightness are definitely welcome in the fashion world today. But when there are too many bright prints, accents and colour details on a jacket, the look looks overwhelming. Try to minimise this to just one accent detail.

Jacket with a drawstring


This model was (or still is) preferred by women who wanted to emphasise their curves and shapes by focusing on the waist. However, the presence of a drawstring makes such jackets look more like a windbreaker or cardigan. It immediately loses its charm and elegance. If you want to show off your slim waist and feminine curves, then use a belt instead, tightening it directly over the oversized jacket.

Short fitted jacket


Another model that we wore at most in 2015, and now we can safely forget about it. A jacket that barely reaches the hip line of a fitted silhouette is simply impossible to fit into any modern stylish outfit.

Jackets with flounces, frills, pleats and other small details


Many ladies choose such jackets to make themselves look more feminine and younger, but as a result, they look sickly sweet and infantile, and most importantly, completely unstylish. If you want to achieve the right result, then give preference to elegant loose models without any small details.

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