They make the image vulgar! Five summer closet mistakes for the office that should not be made

Forget short and translucent things

When we see over 30 degrees on the thermometer, it's hard to wear anything but miniskirts, crop tops and flip-flops. But what to do if you have to go to work, and this form of clothing is not allowed there? There is a strict dress code and generally accepted rules for work in the office.

OBOZREVATEL tell you what things are strictly forbidden to wear for the official space. We know that the summer and office closet is not easy to reconcile, but we share what you can replace your favorite items (to see photos, scroll to the end of the page) .

1. Short shorts

Mini length shorts are better left for a walk with friends or even for a trip to a long-awaited vacation. You will feel uncomfortable in short shorts, constantly pulling them up. Replace this product with culottes or bermuda length just above the knee.


2. Translucent clothes

Translucent clothes are great for a walk in the park, the beach, a romantic date, but not for the office and business meetings. The mesh materials and fabrics practically do not breathe, so you are unlikely to be comfortable wearing them even for informal events.


3. Tops

Cropped shirts, tops and blouses are taboo for the office. It is forbidden to go to work with an open belly, even if you wear a skirt or pants with an inflated waist.


4. Flip-flops and any shoes without heels

To maintain the aesthetic look, leave the flip-flops for the resort. Shoes with an open toe and heel are undesirable for the office. Choose loafers, ballerinas or shoes with a small heel.


5. Mini Dresses

We understand that short length dresses are not as hot as midi dresses. But in a below-knee piece you'll look elegant and sophisticated. Choose lightweight materials - silk, linen, cotton, satin.


Earlier OBOZREVATEL told you what to wear a white T-shirt with to look stylish and elegant. The total-white look will not leave you indifferent, especially in the summer heat. It's not a bad option for the office.

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