They came out as their true selves: what the children of Hollywood celebrities who have changed their gender look like. Photo.

Children of Hollywood stars who have changed their gender

Scientific research shows that transgender people know who they are and what they want from childhood. However, many people at this age are afraid to talk to their parents or other adults about their feelings, needs and desires to change surgically or hormonally. Families of world-famous personalities have also faced this problem. It wasn't always easy for celebrity parents to accept their heirs' decisions, but they still showed support and understanding.

OBOZREVATEL decided to tell you about some of the children of celebrities who have changed their gender. Their parents supported them in this.

Cynthia Nixon and Samuel Moses


The star of the cult TV series Sex and the City tied the knot with a woman in 2012, and in 2018 announced that her child was transgender. The actress said that she was proud of her son Samuel Joseph Moses, who had graduated from college at the time. He used to be called Samantha and was a girl. From Nixon's words, one can understand that she fully accepted the child's decision.

Cher and Chaz


The legendary actress and singer gave birth to a daughter, Chastity, in 1969 in her marriage to Sonny Bono. However, now he is Chaz Bono. He began the process of gender reassignment in 2008 and made a film about it called Becoming Chaz, as well as a book called Transition: The Story of How I Became a Man. Cher did not immediately accept her child's choice. It took her many years to do so. However, now she fully supports her transgender son.

Charlize Theron and Jackson


The famous Hollywood actress adopted a boy named Jackson and adopted a girl named Augusta. However, the star soon announced that she had two daughters.

"I have two beautiful daughters that I want to protect. They have the right to be whoever they want, it's not up to me to decide... My job is to love and accept them, to know that they have everything they need," Theron said in an interview.

Jamie Lee Curtis and Thomas


The son of the famous actress Jamie Lee Curtis has undergone a transgender transition after prolonged hormone therapy and surgery. Thomas now goes by the name Ruby. His family, including his star mum, supports him. Ruby often appeared in the actress's company on the red carpet. In 2021, she got married to her partner Kynthia.

Cindy Barshop and Jesse


The Real Housewives of New York City star is the mother of two twin girls. However, one of them declared at a very young age that she felt like a boy. The actress did not talk to her daughter, but immediately understood her feelings and desire to be different, or rather different. Jessie's sister Zoe also supported her transgenderism

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