"There will be one nation": Okhlobystin complained that Russians are "naked" and can't do anything, and dreamed of winning the war. Video

Ivan Okhlobystin spews more nonsense about Russia's war against Ukraine

The odious Russian actor Ivan Okhlobystin, who vehemently supports the war in Ukraine and Putin's regime, has unexpectedly criticised his beloved Russia. The Kremlin buffoon admitted that the Russians have never learned how to do anything, and the war has only confirmed that the people of the aggressors are "naked" and have nothing. However, the Putinist found absurd excuses for this too.

Such comments came from the star of the TV series "Interns" in an interview for the propaganda YouTube channel "Abzatz". In it, the Z-patriot also shared his morbid fantasies about Russia winning the war, while admitting that he considers himself a demon and supports the dark side. Literally, the Putinist admitted that Russia is evil.

"We haven't learned how to do anything for the secular people. We haven't learned how to make cars, we haven't learned how to sew suits, we have no interest in that. We have an interest in the tank, in ballet. We have an interest in something higher than domestic needs. And everything that concerns domestic needs, we are quite ascetic, "- said Okhlobystin.

The disgraced actor is convinced that there's nothing wrong with the Russians' absolute poverty and indifference to their own lives. "This is not our weakness, but even more our strength."

Not without controversy in the statements, which is characteristic of all Russian propagandists. For example, Okhlobystin has no doubts about Russia's victory, which will be accompanied by the "resurrection" of the USSR, but he openly speaks about the poverty of the Russian army, which has neither weapons nor ammunition.


"In the end, I think there will be one country, there will be one nation. God willing, we will take advantage of the knowledge we have, that we don't have shit. SMO (Special military operation) has discovered this, that there are no nails, no bearings, naked we are with a stick in our hands," the actor commented.

Furthermore, as we've noted above, Okhlobystin very subtly agreed that Russia is the aggressor, as he assured that he chooses to be on the dark side.

"Everyone knows I'm a complete mess. I'm a concrete demon, everything is clear with me. I'm not even criticised by liberals because they're interested in the evil of the middle class. And I'm downright dark. No one has any doubts about which side I'm on," the Putinist said.

We shall remind you that the actor said earlier that he had long known about the attack of "great" Russia on Ukraine and the start of the so-called "special operation". The Ukrainophobe claims that everything has been heading towards this for many years and in vain people were hoping for a favourable outcome.

As wrote OBOZREVATEL, earlier Ivan Okhlobystin allegedly named the "true" reason for the escape of singer Alla Pugacheva from Russia. The artist believes that the diva's behavior is influenced by her husband Maxim Galkin. The performer, according to the Putinist, is following his lover's lead and doing whatever he wants.

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