The actress "from Skadovsk". Irina Gatun got into "Peacemaker" for participation in "acts of humanitarian aggression" against Ukraine

"Myrotvorets" added Gatun to its base after the scandal

Ukrainian actress and comedian Irina Gatun has been added to the database of the volunteer website "Peacemaker". This happened after a scandal caused by an issue of Kvartal 95, in which the actress played the role of an IDP from the temporarily occupied Skadovsk, Kherson region.

A page with Gatun's information and photos appeared on Peacemaker on January 3. Volunteers said that the actress of the Black Square Theater and resident of Kvartal 95 participated in the "humanitarian aggression against Ukraine."

"Participation in attempts to legalize the occupation of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea by Russia (the aggressor country and terrorist). Public abuse of Ukrainian citizens in the territories occupied by the Russian fascist invaders," the website says.

Gatun page on Myrotvorets

The site's administrators pointed out that the comedian had visited the temporarily occupied Crimean peninsula after 2014. The artist shared photos from Crimea on social media.

Ukrainian actress and comedian Irina Gatun
Gatun was accused of traveling to Crimea after Russia's occupation of the territory
Ukrainian woman shares photos of her vacation
Irina Gatun traveled to Crimea
Irina Gatun in Koktebel
Greene Memorial House Museum (Old Crimea)
Peacemaker drew attention to actress Gatun
Gatun got into  a scandal

In addition, volunteers drew attention to a photo of Gatun taken in 2015: the actress posed in a Soviet uniform.

Irina Gatun in a Soviet military uniform

We remind you that the scandalous humorous issue was published in the issue of Kvartal 95 that was broadcasted on New Year's Eve.

In it, the main character, an "immigrant from Skadovsk," spoke Ukrainian very poorly. Many viewers believed that this was a mockery of IDPs and Russian speakers trying to switch to the state language.

The mayor of Skadovsk, Oleksandr Yakovlev, also reacted to the scandal, saying that "Skadovsk speaks Ukrainian."

A number about Skadovsk on the air of the New Year's show

The 1+1 press service apologized and said that the full program would be re-edited, cutting out the controversial episode. Kvartal 95 also apologized, emphasizing that it respects all IDPs and did not want to offend the residents of the temporarily occupied city.

The network found out that the "girl from Skadovsk" Gatun (judging by her photos) traveled to Crimea in 2018-2019 and wore a Soviet uniform in 2015.

The second actor in the Skadovsk sketch, comedian Yuriy Velykyi, apologized. He said that the "Kvartalists" wanted to encourage Ukrainians to speak their native language and not be afraid to make mistakes.

Actress Irina Gatun

As OBOZ.UA wrote, Gatun recorded a video with an apology after the scandal. At the same time, she said that among the Ukrainians who were outraged by this number, there are those who play along with Putin.

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