Saves weak and brittle nails! What is a structured manicure and what are its advantages

You can also make any design

If your nails are breaking and breaking, and you want to grow them out, or if your nails have age-related grooves, there is a solution. A structured manicure can help with these problems.

This technique uses a special gel base, which smoothes and aligns nails and prolongs the life of the coating. It is done in an elementary way: the master must apply gel so that the center of the nail becomes thicker.

On top of the constructing gel, you can apply any coating - regular polish, gel or powder. It is also possible to make any design so that the visual effect is also not affected.


Structured nail art is the most beautiful and durable. It almost does not damage the nail plate and helps to grow long and strong nails.

The flexible gel structure of gel nail polish surpasses traditional acrylic precisely because of its plasticity: nails will be protected reliably.

The only disadvantage of a structured manicure is that it takes a long time to perform. If you do it from scratch, the procedure will take at least two and a half hours, and that's not counting the design.

A structured manicure usually costs 20-30% more than a regular manicure because of the higher level of skill required to apply the gel.


As reported by OBOZREVATEL, it is foolish to think that an original and stylish design can be done only on long nails. A short length with the right coating will also give charm to the hands. And if you add nude colors and sequins to nail art, your hands will look fresh and young.

Recently, OBOZREVATEL wrote about what is the manicure of "supermodels". This is a case where the coating is suitable for any image, for any occasion and season. This design is a favorite among celebrities.

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