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Basic things that will help you create an expensive look

It's no secret that hanging yourself from head to toe with luxury brand logos has nothing to do with creating a truly expensive look. To look stylish and luxurious, it is enough to have a few basic and, most importantly, high-quality items in your wardrobe. These will easily be combined with other "colleagues" from your wardrobe and will not lose their relevance for many seasons in a row.

Of course, the style of a "rich girl" implies not only the presence of certain items in your wardrobe, but also their quality, style, fit, compatibility and many other factors. Clothes should be as comfortable as possible and, as they say, "in size". The main condition is that you look harmonious and confident in it. Isn't it confidence that bribes us with "rich girls"? OBOZREVATEL decided to tell you about five basic things that should be in the closet of everyone who wants to dress luxuriously.

White shirt


Perhaps this is the timeless classic of all timeless classics. Some people still mistakenly believe that a white shirt is an element of exclusively business style, but there are so many striking looks that can be created with it if you style and complement it correctly. A white shirt can change any outfit beyond recognition and become the perfect end to an otherwise incomplete look. Whether you're wearing trousers, jeans, cycling bottoms or a skirt, a white shirt on top is always a win-win.

Classic straight-cut trousers


If your wardrobe doesn't yet include classic straight-cut trousers, you should fix it immediately. As the saying goes, you can't be full of jeans alone. Trousers, like a white shirt, are no longer just about business style. Wear them with trendy Cossacks or timeless white sneakers, combine them with cosy sweaters and seductive tops. It all depends on your mood, but with classic trousers in your wardrobe, you are guaranteed to get a dozen different stylish looks.



What can you do without a high-quality perfect jacket? It will not only flawlessly complement any look, but will also become its main highlight - especially now, when a jacket can be worn to replace a coat on warm spring days. The colour of the jacket can be unexpectedly bright, but it is better to focus on the standard colour palette: black, grey, chocolate, navy, milk, white. You can also choose the style individually, focusing on your body type, but don't forget that oversize will be in trend for the next few years.



A warm and high-quality cardigan is a must-have for spring and a great partner to replace a jacket. World-famous fashionistas have long demonstrated how stylish this wardrobe item can be. When choosing a cardigan, pay special attention to its material. It will determine how "expensive-rich" you look.

Midi skirt


A midi skirt always looks elegant, feminine and expensive. It can look completely different in different styles. Wearing heels and a shirt is one look, while wearing sneakers and a top is a completely different mood. Experiment with cuts and styles.

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