Not just black: 5 colors of clothes that make all women slimmer

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How can you visually correct your figure and look taller? First, you need to choose the right fit. For example, wear pants with a high fit, a dress with a smell, monochrome clothing or with a V-neck. Secondly, pay attention to the colors of your clothes. Thus, dark, cool and muted shades "remove" the pounds, and bright ones - add volume.

Read the article about colors that should be added to your closet in the article about OBOZREVATEL. Do not limit yourself to black. Experiment with different colors.

1. Wine

Dark purple or the color of wine is suitable for those who love red clothes, but also want to visually correct the figure. This shade is especially suitable for brunettes and brunettes. We advise to choose lengthened jackets, midaxi skirts, dresses and suits in this shade - and you will have a refined image.


2. Graphite

It is a deep, saturated shade of gray. It is very versatile and mysterious. And also - visually corrects the figure and gives a solid image. Add a dress or suit in this color to your closet to wear at official meetings or outings to a restaurant.


3. Brown

Many girls avoid chocolate in their images. And with good reason. It is calm and practical, has a refined and expensive look. Especially attractive in dark brown are sweaters, pants, cardigans, dresses, long trench coats and suits.


4. Dark blue

Blue in cold shades visually reduces the volume of the figure. You can safely choose in this color silhouette dresses and slightly fitted jacket with pants. You will love the result. Complement the image with mules, pumps, slingbacks or loafers.


5. Cold green

Pay attention to the exquisite emerald color. It will make any your image expensive and effective, as well as correct the silhouette. It can be a straight cut coat, a strict jacket, a shirt or a dress.


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