No longer recognisable! How the stars of Blue Lagoon have changed after 43 years. Photos then and now

The cast of Blue Lagoon has changed a lot

The famous American film Blue Lagoon turned 43 this year. At one time, it was a real breakthrough in the world of cinema, and the film's main characters became extremely popular.

Nowadays, some of them continue their film careers and attend social events, while others are less and less remembered. OBOZREVATEL decided to tell you and show you what happened to the stars of the popular drama (to see the photos, scroll to the bottom of the page).

Christopher Atkins (Richard Lestrange)

For the American actor Atkins, the role in The Blue Lagoon was his debut. He had no previous acting experience, so after the premiere, he was nominated for a Golden Globe Award for Best Actor in a Newcomer.

Fame and success clouded the 19-year-old's mind. Rumour has it that he spent all the money he earned on alcohol and entertainment, so he paid little attention to his acting development. After starring in a few more films, Atkins' popularity declined, and for his role in the 1989 film Listen to Me, he received the anti-award Golden Raspberry for Worst Supporting Actor. His acting career ended as quickly as it had begun.


Brooke Shields (Emeline Lestrange)

Brooke made the decision to take part in a frank drama when she was just 15 years old. However, she began her journey into big cinema as a child, working as a model at the same time. The success of Blue Lagoon was not the last enchanting point in the star's career.

Over the years, she has received both the infamous Golden Raspberry awards and prestigious honours. Shields also never gave up modelling, so she retained her slim figure and expressive appearance until the age of 57.


Leo McCann (Paddy Button)

For the Australian actor McCairn, Blue Lagoon was not his first film role, but it did not bring him much fame either. He continued to act in feature films until 2000, when he completely disappeared from the information space.

The actor suffered from a number of illnesses, the most serious of which was diabetes. In 2002, he was moved to a nursing home, where he died a few weeks later on 23 July at the age of 82. The star is survived by 2 daughters.


William Daniels (Arthur Lestrange)

For the actor, who is best remembered for his role as Arthur Lestrange, the drama about two teenagers became a passing fad. He had many successful projects in his life before and after 1980, and ended his career after 2010. This is not surprising, as the actor is now 95 years old.


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