Long out of fashion! Five models of summer shoes that look ridiculous: it's time to throw them away. Photo

Some pairs of summer shoes have gone out of style

Choosing summer shoes is not as easy as it may seem at first glance. A stylish and comfortable pair should be comfortable, not seem mottled and not steamy feet.

However, not all lightweight models of summer shoes remain relevant. Some of them should be discarded, so that the image does not look ridiculous (to see the photo, scroll to the end of the page).

Thin-soled sneakers

No matter how comfortable sneakers with thin soles may seem, you should be clearly aware that while walking, every pebble or uneven ground will press on the foot. In addition, such models quickly wear out and look outdated.


Sandals with a wedge heel

Sandals will be ultra-trendy this season, but you should pay attention to durable heels or a low platform. Models on a wedge look cheap and spoil even a very stylish image.


Shoes with a round toe and a high thin heel

This model is considered not only anti-trend, but also rather vulgar. Stiletto heels - quite impractical shoes for summer walks, so it is better to find more comfortable options.



Flat shoes will be relevant this summer, but if sneakers and sneakers can be easily styled in the image, moccasins are an unfortunate pair. This closed summer footwear has long gone out of fashion.


Rough Sneakers

Sports shoes also have their own trends and anti-trends. The absolute tastelessness in 2023 will be massive, rough sneakers with multicolored elements, decorations, high soles, etc.


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