How to choose the perfect colours for your skin tone: a fashion trick that everyone should know about. Photo.

Skin tone will help you determine the colours in your wardrobe

Trendy shades may not always look equally good on different women. You can choose the right colours for your wardrobe by taking a close look at your skin. Its shade will help you decide on a colour scheme that will complete your outfit and not contrast with your naked body parts.

To determine your colour type, you need to use a simple trick. OBOZREVATEL has decided to tell you how to choose clothes according to your skin tone (scroll to the bottom of the page to see the photo).

How to determine your skin tone

Before you take a closer look at your face, you need to thoroughly wash off your make-up and wait until the blush disappears after washing. After that, you should look in the mirror in diffused daylight, but not in front of the sun.

Hold a sheet of white paper to your face and compare it with your skin. If the face appears beige, brown, yellow and slightly green against the white paper, then the undertone is warm.

Pink, blue and lilac shades on the face mean that the undertone is cold.

If the skin looks grey and ashy against the paper, the undertone is neutral.

What colours suit each undertone

Owners of "warm" skin should pay attention to natural shades. Red, orange, coral, peach, yellow, sand, gold and other bright colours will emphasise the natural beauty.

If nature has awarded you with a cold skin tone, you need to take a closer look at "frosty" blue shades and dark colours. The best options are blue, emerald, white, navy, turquoise, etc.

For beauties with a neutral complexion, soft, calm and soft colours will suit. All shades of nude and delicate colours will be beautifully combined with their skin.

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