15 phrases you shouldn't say to men: it can destroy a marriage

The phrases that should not be said to a man

Relationships in a couple often depend on the ability to communicate and understand your partner. In order to save a marriage, it can be enough just not to "nag" your spouse and to give up some phrases that have a destructive effect.

Even in a state of anger, it is sometimes better to hold your tongue so that you don't have to apologise later. So, OBOZREVATEL found out what phrases are better not to say to a man.

1. "I always do everything myself". Despite the constant housework, this may not be all the things that are done in the family and for the family. Instead of constant complaints, it is better to praise your partner more often, and you will soon notice significant changes.

2. "I'll show you how it's done". Men feel confident when they think they can solve life's problems, even the most insignificant ones. When a woman intervenes and directs her man's behaviour, especially when he has not asked for it, it is a direct message to him that he is incompetent. If you have ideas, it is better to offer help with a phrase: "I have a suggestion, if you like".

3. "You never listen to me". Many women say this when they quarrel with their boyfriend or husband because they know it gets on their nerves. Even if this is true, you should avoid an accusatory tone and watch how you say these words. Instead of accusations, you should gently explain to the man that his actions have disappointed you and that you would like him to start listening to you more.

4. "Stay away from me". These words can hurt your husband's feelings, especially if they are said during a quarrel. It will sound like you are pushing him away, but you will most likely regret it later, so it is better to refrain from saying such words.

5. "What's wrong with you?" This is one of the worst phrases you can say to your partner. It's one thing if it's a joke, but if it's serious, a man can get upset.

6. "Is that all you did?" If you expected something from your husband, but did not clearly articulate all your wishes, you should admit it, rather than letting him feel very disappointed. Instead of blaming him, you can tell him that you appreciate his help and that next time you will be more specific about what you want to see. Your husband will appreciate this and will want to do better in the future.

7 . "What the hell were you thinking?" Sometimes just support is enough, not reproaches, especially in a rude way. If you really want to, you can try saying: "If it were me, I would have done...".

8. "You're pathetic" A woman should never say this to her man. Even if he said something critical and it sounded like he was attacking you, returning it in the same coin is not an ideal solution. Be an adult.

9. "My ex was always good..." You should never say this phrase to your partner either. Put yourself in the shoes of a man - how upset would you be about this? This is exactly how he will feel. Never humiliate your man by comparing him to anyone, especially your ex.

10. "Look after the children, but don't mess up!" Your husband may not be as good with children as you are, but that doesn't give you the right to boss him around. He may have his own way of playing with or caring for the children, and you should respect that. Of course, tell him that you will be available if he needs anything, but you don't need to teach him.

11. "It's okay!" This phrase is very dangerous. Experience has already taught your husband that when you say that everything is normal, everything is far from normal. Don't let him think about what went wrong or get upset that he doesn't know what to do. It is better to say openly what offended you.

12. "You would understand if you loved me." No, no, darling! He will understand if you tell him. He loves you, and he wants to be a part of all your joys and help you through all your troubles. Do not devalue his efforts by saying rude things.

13. "Your family is bad!" We are all very sensitive about our families and the people we have lived with since birth. Instead of openly insulting, tell your husband what you didn't like. This will not only give you some peace of mind, but it will also help him to resolve the crisis before things get out of hand.

14. "I wish I hadn't married you!" Such harsh statements mean that you do not value the relationship. This will make your man think you can live without him and lead to a breakup.

15. "It's all your fault!" Everything is never the fault of one person. There are times when a situation could have been avoided, but it happened. Evaluate all the events and try to understand why something went wrong. Remember that communication is the key to solving all problems.

As reported by OBOZREVATEL:

- it is important to know the signs that can give away a person who is telling lies in a relationship. Read the article to find out what behavioural anomalies and gestures can give a liar away;

- talk about problems honestly and openly, do not keep silent, do not use manipulative phrases and do not resort to passive aggression. The phrases that can make men angry are collected in the article.

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