Viktor Tsygankov

Viktor Tsygankov

Ukrainian soccer player
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Short biography

Viktor Tsygankov is a Ukrainian footballer, player of FC Dynamo (Kyiv) and midfielder of the Ukrainian national soccer team.

Brief biography of Viktor Tsygankov

Victor Tsygankov was born in Israel, in Nagaria, on November, 15 of 1997.

After his father Tsygankov, who also played soccer at the professional level, finished his career, the family returned to Ukraine, to Vinnitsa region.

He started playing soccer seriously at school age, due to which in 2010 Viktor Tsygankov was invited to the Academy at FC Dynamo (Kyiv) and since 2011 he started playing in the Dynamo Kyiv youth team.

Since 2012, Tsygankov also played for the youth national soccer team of Ukraine.

Already in 2014, thanks to his successes on the field, Viktor Tsygankov was included in the top ten players in Ukraine under twenty years old and he was even compared to the iconic Ukrainian footballer Sergei Rebrov.

Already in the adult team "Dynamo" Tsygankov moved in 2016, barely eighteen years old. His game was positively noted by Dynamo coach Sergey Rebrov, and Tsygankov became the youngest author of a hat-trick in the team's history.

In the national soccer team of Ukraine Viktor Tsygankov started playing in 2016 - then he made his first appearance on the field against the national team of Finland. However, his first goal for the national team Tsygankov managed to score only in 2019, in a match against the national team of Luxembourg.

Viktor Tsygankov statistics

During his professional career, Viktor Tsygankov played a total of 138 soccer matches, in total scoring 49 goals.

Viktor Tsygankov is the owner of the title of the best player in the soccer championship of Ukraine in 2018.

Personal life

Viktor Tsygankov is not married. However, he has a girlfriend, about whom, unfortunately, very little is known - the footballer prefers to hide both her face and her name.

Activity in the network

  • Facebook. On the page of Victor Tsygankov in the social network Facebook is signed by two and a half thousand users.

  • Twitter. In the social network Twitter Victor Tsygankov has less than a hundred regular readers.

  • Instagram. More than 80 thousand subscribers follow Victor Tsygankov's new photos on Instagram .

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