Olga Harlan

Olga Harlan

Ukrainian fencer
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Short biography

Olga Kharlan is a Ukrainian saber fencer.

Brief Biography

Olga Harlan was born in Nikolaev, September 4, 1990.

She received a higher education in the School of Physical Education in Nikolaev.

In 2004 she entered the national team of Ukraine in fencing.

Repeatedly won the world championships in the junior category.

For the first time participating in the Olympic Games, in Beijing in 2008, she snatched the first gold medal for Ukraine in 2008 with a surprisingly successful victory, at the same time making her debut as an Olympic champion.

In 2012, at the London Olympics, she took only third place. But the same year she rehabilitated herself by winning the European Championship.

In total on the account of Olga Harlan:

  • One victory at the Olympics.

  • Five victories at the World Championships.

  • Seven victories at the European Championships.

  • One gold medal at the European Games.

  • Two victories in the Fencing Grand Prix.

Among other things, Olga Harlan is the holder of the Order of Princess Olga of III-I degree and the Order of Merit of III-I degree, received in 2013 from President Viktor Yanukovych.

Political activity

In 2010 Olga Harlan was elected to the Mykolaiv City Council from the Party of Regions.

In the parliamentary elections in Ukraine in 2012, she was on the list of the Party of Regions under number 194. Nevertheless, Olga Harlan was not elected to the Rada.

She left the Party of Regions in 2014. In the same year she represented the Green Party of Ukraine in the local elections in Kiev.

Personal life

Olga Harlan is married. Her husband is Dmitry Boyko, a famous Ukrainian fencer. However, according to Harlan herself, her marriage is now on the verge of collapse.

Online activity

On the Internet, Olga Kharlan can be found in the following popular social networks:

Instagram. Olga Harlan's Instagram page is subscribed to by almost twenty thousand people. On this resource, Harlan regularly publishes photos of her trainings, matches, awards and awards, as well as very candid photos from different parts of the world, where she spends her free time.

Facebook. Olga Harlan's Facebook account has just over four thousand followers.

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