Masha Efrosinina

Masha Efrosinina

Ukrainian TV presenter
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Short biography

Maria Aleksandrovna Efrosinina is a Ukrainian TV presenter.

Brief biography

Masha Efrosinina was born in Crimea, in the city of Kerch, May 25, 1979.

Yefrosinina received her higher education at the Faculty of Foreign Languages at the Taras Shevchenko University of Kyiv.

Masha Efrosinina's career on television began at the age of 19, with her debut on"First National Channel" in the entertainment television program"Happy Call.

However, some time later, Efrosinina left UT-1, moving to the "New Channel", where she headed the morning show"Lift". In 2002, thanks to Efrosinina,Podyem received an honorary"Teletriumph" award as the best TV show in Ukraine.

In 2005 Masha Efrosinina was the host of Eurovision-2005, which was first held in Kiev.

A year later, Yefrosinina left"Novy Channel" for "Inter" TV channel and in 2006 she started to host there the program"One in the Field".

In 2007 she performed on the stage ofthe Theater on Podol.

From 2009 to 2013, Masha Efrosinina continuously cooperated with the"New Channel", taking part in a variety of projects. Among them we should especially mentionthe "Star Factory", the third season of which was hosted by Efrosinina, and the show"Make me laugh".

In 2018, Masha Efrosinina was appointed honorary ambassador of the United Nations in Ukraine and dealt with population issues and problems.


Masha Efrosinina has been working with the charitable foundation"Your Support" since 2014.

The project"Charity weekend", created by Efrosinina and the foundation, aimed at helping sick children and orphans, has attracted the attention of many Ukrainian stars. Nastia Kamenskih, Elena Kravets, Tatiana Terekhova, Anita Lutsenko and many, many others cooperate with it.

She is also the founder of the Masha Foundation, an NGO that helps women who have experienced various forms of violence.

Personal life

Masha Efrosinina is married. Masha Efrosinina's husband is businessman Timur Khromayev. Masha Efrosinina has two children - son Alexander and daughter Nana.

Activity in the network

In addition to her own official website, on the Internet, Masha Efrosinina can be found in the most popular social networks.

  • Instagram. Masha Efrosinina's Instagram page, which regularly publishes fresh photos of Masha Efrosinina, is subscribed to by more than a million users.

  • YouTube. Masha Efrosinina's YouTube channel, where she, in addition to a full archive of her TV shows, also publishes fresh network video projects, has over a hundred thousand subscribers, which has already brought Masha Efrosinina a "silver button" of YouTube.

  • Facebook. About fifty thousand readers follow Masha Efrosinina's new articles and publications on Facebook .

  • Twitter. Masha Efrosinina has been running a Twitter page since 2012.

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