Praying, cursing the "dung country" and rejoicing that they are alive: how Ukrainian stars survived the Russian missile attack on February 7. Photo.

How the stars reacted to the rocket attack on Ukrainian cities on February 7

On the morning of February 7, Russia once again resorted to terrorism, firing missiles at peaceful Ukrainian cities. The shelling hit Kyiv, Kharkiv, Mykolaiv, and other regions.

Ukrainian celebrities came out of hiding in Insta-stories to document the crimes of the Russian Federation. OBOZ.UA collected the most vivid reactions.

Olha Sumska

Actress Olha Sumska shared a screenshot from her Telegram channel, which reports the direction of the missiles. "We are praying!!!" she wrote.

Slava Domin

Radio host Slava Domin noted that the Russians spent several tens of millions of dollars on the missile attack. "And at this time, somewhere near Smolensk, a man is p*ssing in a hole in the floor and warming himself with firewood," the celebrity added.

Inna Miroshnychenko

"This is how sweetly we slept before we were reminded that life will never really be the same as it was 2 years ago..." Inna Miroshnychenko wrote on a photo of her sleeping children. In the next story, she noted that the family is currently sitting in the hallway because there is no electricity.

Hryhorii Reshetnik

The host Hryhorii Reshetnik decided to play a game of "continue the word" with his subscribers, writing only 2 letters "Za...". He then suggested the answer to his question - "Zaluzhnyi", adding that his subscribers wrote some cool options.

Khrystyna Reshetnik

In turn, Khrystyna Reshetnik showed her sleepy children, who had to go down to the shelter at 6 am. "I think it will soon be the third year that we have been going to the shelter, distinguishing between different types of rockets and shaheds. When will it end?" she said.

Oleksandra Zaritska

The lead singer of the band KAZKA also took to the stoies to urge fans to go to the shelters. "It's scary," the singer wrote.


Singer MamaRika was not verbose. The star posted a photo of herself without makeup in a shelter, writing "morning".

Anastasiia Prykhodko

Anastasiia Prykhodko showed a map of Ukraine, red with anxiety. "16 planes from 4 airfields have been shot down. Know that you are f**king faggots". She also published all the available information about the morning shelling.

Masha Yefrosinina

"When I made a super difficult decision to return my mother and son to Kyiv," Yefrosinina wrote, adding screenshots of the missiles' directions. The host also shared a picture of burnt syrniki. "The hostess forgot us in the oven during the alarm," she commented.

The presenter also noted that with each terrorist attack by Russia, the rules regarding "hate speech" on Instagram are only getting stricter, not vice versa. "That's why we methodically say the whole set of words to the manure country to ourselves," the star added.

Daria Petrozhytska

The actress shared stories about her faith in air defense and urged her fans to take care of themselves.

Katia Kuznetsova

Katya Kuznetsova, who now lives in Sri Lanka, does not forget about Ukraine, mentioning it in her stories every day. The actress posted two photos with prayers for Kyiv and Mykolaiv.

Svitlana Tarabarova

The singer posted a photo of her little daughter sleeping. "When Polina grows up, I will tell her everything about how she slept through the nights from the shelter of terrorists' explosions," she wrote, urging people to stay strong and donate.

Dasha Kvitkova

Blogger Dasha Kvitkova published a post with the consequences of the morning shelling of Kyiv. "If you see me on Instagram, I was lucky not to be killed by a Russian missile," she says in the second photo.

Olia Poliakova

The singer also shared horrific photos from Kyiv. "My dears, I spent this morning in an underground parking lot in a car. It is not clear when this will end. Let's hold on, let's pray," she addressed her followers.

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