Benjamin Netanyahu

Benjamin Netanyahu

Prime Minister of Israel
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Short biography

Benjamin Netanyahu is the Prime Minister of Israel.

Short biography

Benjamin Netanyahu was born in Tel Aviv on October 21, 1949.

He served in the IDF's Sayaret Matkal special forces unit. He participated in military actions - in the raid on Beirut airport, in the battle of Karama, in the operation to free the passenger plane seized by the Black October terrorists.

Netanyahu received his higher education after his military service in the United States, where he graduated from the famous MIT - Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

In 1984 Benjamin Netanyahu was appointed Ambassador of Israel to the United Nations. Four years later he returned to Israel, where he began his political career, having been successfully elected deputy.

In 1996 Netanyahu won the first direct elections for Prime Minister in Israeli history and remained in office until 1999.

In 2003, following the early parliamentary elections in Israel, Netanyahu was appointed Finance Minister. But in 2005 he left this post and joined the political opposition.

In 2009 Netanyahu was again elected Prime Minister of Israel and still occupies this post.

Electoral defeat and resignation

Since April 2019, Israel has held four elections that ended without a clear winner, leaving Netanyahu and his rivals without a parliamentary majority and ineligible to form a government.

The opposition subsequently announced a coalition without Netanyahu, and a new Israeli prime minister, Naftali Bennett, was confirmed on June 13.

The new premiership

In 2022 Netanyahu's party won the elections and he was reappointed as prime minister in December.

Netanyahu's Family.

The Israeli prime minister is married. Benjamin Netanyahu's wife is Sarah Netanyahu. The politician has three children.

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