Ukraine's support strategy, reimbursement terms and duration of assistance: what are the timeframes in the new Johnson bill?

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Conditions for the return of "aid" from the United States. Source: The House of Representatives

The bill on military aid to Ukraine from the United States, prepared by US House Speaker Mike Johnson, has several time limits. For example, the proposed $61 billion in loans are to be disbursed by September 2025.

Although September of next year is still a long way off, Speaker Johnson's bill requires the State Department to present a U.S. strategy for supporting Ukraine within 45 days of its passage. Another 60 days are given to negotiate the terms of the loan.

Interestingly, the strategy that the US Congress is to receive from the Biden administration should be multi-year, not by September 2025. Nevertheless, it should contain "specific goals" that the White House seeks to achieve.

Out of the total amount of 61 billion, only 28 billion is for all operations related to US military assistance to Ukraine. Of this amount, 13.8 billion is earmarked (until September 30, 2025) for the Ukraine Security Assistance Initiative program. The program involves concluding agreements with American arms manufacturers to provide Ukraine with new weapons and equipment. Another $13.4 billion will be allocated to replace and repair weapons already provided to Ukraine, as well as to train Ukrainians.

The bill also provides for 7.85 billion in loans to Ukraine. The amount is also calculated until September 30, 2025. However, after November 2024, the US president will be able to write off 50% of the debt on these loans, and from January 1, 2026 - 100% of the debt.

It is emphasized that within 30 days after the adoption of the proposed law, the presidential administration, together with the Defense Department, must provide Congress with a report on all weapons and financing that the United States has already provided to Ukraine (since February 2022).

In addition, within 60 days of the adoption of the law, the Pentagon must report on the control of the accounting of US weapons in Ukraine.

As reported by OBOZ.UA, the US House of Representatives will vote on aid to Ukraine and Israel on Saturday, April 20. It is noted that the two aid packages will be considered separately. However, the White House has previously stated that the United States should not divide support for Ukraine and Israel into different bills under the current circumstances.

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