Those who oppose support for Ukraine are for Putin: Biden's adviser urges Congress not to ignore the lessons of history

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Sullivan said that the US Congress should not allow Putin to succeed in Ukraine

The administration of U.S. President Joe Biden has once again emphasized that the aggressor country of Russia must not be allowed to make progress on the battlefield in Ukraine. To this end, the United States Congress must take responsibility and approve the request for funding for military assistance for our country.

The statement was made on December 4 by US National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan,Ukrinform reports. He emphasized that it is better for Congress not to ignore the lessons of history.

"Now it's up to Congress. Congress must decide whether to continue to support Ukraine's fight for freedom as part of the 50-nation coalition that President Biden has created. Or whether Congress will ignore the lessons we have learned from history and allow Putin to win," the White House official said.

He emphasized that every congressman who opposes the allocation of additional aid to Ukraine is supporting Russian dictator Vladimir Putin. Every vote against supporting Ukraine is a vote for strengthening the advantage of the terrorist country of Russia and its leader.

"We hope that Congress will make the right choice on a bipartisan basis," Sullivan said.

"We are talking about President Biden's request for additional funding, which, among other things, includes assistance to Ukraine. Its approval will not only help our country counter Russian aggression, but will also help strengthen U.S. national security, the advisor to the American leader said.

As OBOZ.UA previously reported, the White House and the U.S. Department of State have once again urged Congress not to delay the approval of Joe Biden's request for additional funding for Ukraine. Currently, the US government relies on the remaining PDA funds, but the funds are more than 97% exhausted.

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