The US State Department outlines Ukraine's path to victory: it contains three points

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It is important to ensure stability in the east. Source: MFA of Georgia

Assistant Secretary of State for European and Eurasian Affairs James O'Brien said that a realistic way for Ukraine to win is to stabilize the situation in the east of the country. Another way to victory would be to get closer to the European Union and NATO.

He made this statement at a briefing in Kyiv. James O'Brien is convinced that it is important to ensure stability in the east, which requires artillery and other military equipment, as well as strengthening the defense.

In addition, it is important to make sure that the will to fight is maintained – there are people who are ready to defend the country and destabilize Russian firing positions.

O'Brien also noted that this year Ukraine has to make two important changes in its global status, which will be key steps towards Ukraine's victory.

"These are the most important elements. While this is happening, this year Ukraine will have two important changes in its global position: it will start negotiations with the European Union on accession and NATO will establish what we will call a bridge, a kind of clear path to NATO membership," he explained.

The politician added that a realistic approach to Ukraine's victory is to focus on the important elements that will contribute to the country's stability and its approximation to international alliances that open up new opportunities for protection and development.

"I think this is the way forward. However, I will not prejudge what my boss and the defense minister will decide on the final strategy. But this is the way I have been talking about it, and I think it is a very realistic way to a Ukrainian victory," he said.

As reported by OBOZ.UA, on April 20, the US House of Representatives supported a package of assistance to Ukraine worth more than $60 billion by 311 votes.

The Pentagon said that they need less than a week to transfer the first part of the US aid to the front line in Ukraine. On Tuesday, April 23, the final vote on the bill is expected in the Senate.

The EU has also announced its intention to provide more aid to Ukraine, and the successful vote in the US was called a clear signal to Moscow.

In Russia, the US approval of the law on military aid to Ukraine, Israel, and Taiwan was called "interference in internal affairs." The Russian Foreign Ministry claimed that American support would only "exacerbate the global crisis."

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