"Raising a global wave of fear and hatred": Pope calls for diplomatic solution to war in Ukraine

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Pope supports Ukrainian people but does not condemn Russia
Pope Francis supports Ukrainian people but does not condemn Russia

The war unleashed by Russia not only devastates Ukraine, but also "raises a global wave of fear and hatred." This was stated by Pope Francis, who called for a "just, lasting peace" and negotiations.

The head of the Catholic Church mentioned our country during the Sunday service on February 25. The Pope addressed the people in St. Peter's Square in the Vatican, telling them that the day before, on the 24th, was the second anniversary of the full-scale invasion. It is worth noting that the pontiff did not name the culprit of the war, the Russian Federation. Vatican News quotes the cleric.

"Yesterday, on February 24, we remembered with sorrow the second anniversary of the beginning of the full-scale war in Ukraine. How many casualties, wounded, destruction, suffering, tears have been caused during this period, which is becoming terribly long and whose end is still not in sight!

This is a war that is not only devastating this region of Europe, but is also creating a global wave of fear and hatred. Renewing my most sincere commitment to the martyred Ukrainian people and praying for all, especially the many innocent victims, I implore you to find that little bit of humanity that will help create the conditions for a diplomatic solution in the search for a just and lasting peace," Francis said.

He also called on the faithful to continue to pray for "numerous peoples torn apart by wars," including Israel and Palestine.

"Let us reflect on the great suffering, let us remember the innocent children," the religious leader urged.

Pope Francis. February 25, 2024

As OBOZ.UA wrote:

- At the end of 2023, a 9-year-old boy who lost his mother and suffered burns due to the Russian attack on Vinnytsia met with the Pope. Little Roma from Lviv presented Francis with a commemorative bracelet and received a blessing from the pontiff.

- After that, the Pope once again condemned the deaths of thousands of children in the wars raging in Ukraine, Gaza and Yemen. However, the pontiff traditionally did not name the perpetrators of the aggression.

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