Putin and Xi Jinping believe that talks between Russia and Ukraine will take place before the end of the year: new details of Orban's "voyage" emerge

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Viktor Orban. Source: insuedthueringen.de

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban summarized the results of his trips to Ukraine, Russia, and China. He said that Russian dictator Vladimir Putin and Chinese leader Xi Jinping are waiting for "peace talks" to begin by the end of this year.

The head of the Hungarian government allegedly wrote about this in a confidential letter to European Council President Charles Michel and EU leaders after his unauthorized "peacekeeping tour," the Spanish edition of El Pais writes. At the same time, Orban is convinced that Europe should push for the start of "peace talks" on Ukraine regardless of the position of the United States, which is busy with the elections.

In his letter, according to the newspaper, Orban summarizes the results of the negotiations and argues that Europe should "launch" a peace initiative without waiting for the United States. He also predicts that the next two months on the front line in Ukraine will be "more dramatic than ever."

"Based on my conversations, I believe that there is now a better chance that all possible proposals for a ceasefire and a roadmap for peace talks will be positively received," Orban said in his letter.

He emphasized that the US political leadership is now significantly limited by the domestic election campaign. Therefore, Europe must act without taking into account Washington's position.

"Therefore (because of the American elections – Ed.), we cannot expect them to put forward any such proposal in the coming months. We must believe that the ceasefire is in line with the spirit of European strategic autonomy," Orban said.

The head of the Hungarian government also assures that in a conversation with him, Chinese leader Xi Jinping called himself an "honest broker."

"President Xi sees China's policy as a policy of peace, while the policy of the United States and Europe is a policy of war, in which Europe automatically follows the American line," Orban said.

According to him, Putin now considers the Russian proposals made in the spring of 2022, when Ukraine and Russia tried to hold direct talks, "relevant." That proposal, we recall, provided for the almost complete disarmament of our state, a sharp and very significant reduction in the number of the Armed Forces, Ukraine's actual abandonment of the Russian-occupied Crimea and its course to join NATO, as well as "security guarantees" from some countries, including Russia, and the possibility for Moscow to veto assistance to Ukraine from other states.

According to Orban, Putin and Xi assume that new peace talks between Russia and Ukraine will take place before the end of the year. The Hungarian prime minister also noted that the Russian dictator did not mention Russia's losses at the front, but was very "concerned" about Ukrainian losses (which, according to Moscow, are allegedly 40-50 thousand per month) and the intensification of hostilities in recent weeks.

"That is why the Russian president was surprised that the Ukrainian president rejected the proposal for a temporary ceasefire," Orban said.

Putin, according to his Hungarian "friend," also offered Ukraine a cessation of hostilities with some conditions, which together mean Ukraine's complete and unconditional surrender and its abandonment in favor of Russia even of those parts of the partially occupied Ukrainian regions that the Russians have failed to occupy or have not been able to hold.

On July 2, Orban arrived in Kyiv and held talks with Zelenskyy, during which he convinced the Ukrainian president of the need for a ceasefire.

On July 5, the Hungarian prime minister traveled to Moscow to meet with Putin, and from there he went to Beijing to "talk peace" with Xi.

At the same time, the European Union disavowed Orban's arbitrariness and emphasized that he did not visit Putin on behalf of the EU, but on his initiative, so he could not represent Europe. Although it was precisely as a contact between Moscow and the EU that the Russian dictator tried to present Orban's visit.

It is interesting that Orban, who in his letter to EU leaders claims that the chances of starting negotiations are increasing, claimed immediately after he visited Kyiv and Moscow that he realized that the positions of Ukraine and Russia are very far apart.

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