Orban is going to create a pro-Russian "peace coalition" in the European Parliament: what is known

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Orban announces intention to create a pro-Russian "peace coalition" in the future European Parliament. Source: 24.HU

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban has announced his intention to create a so-called "peace coalition" in the European Parliament. Elections to it will be held next week.

Orban made the announcement on Saturday, June 1, at a "peace march" in Budapest, ABC News reports. He considers this election "an existential turning point between peace in Europe and world war."

The Hungarian prime minister focused his campaign for the European Parliament on Russia's war against Ukraine. Thus, Orbán portrays his domestic and international opponents as warmongers who allegedly seek to directly involve Hungary in the conflict.

He told his supporters that the time has come for his Fidesz party to "occupy Brussels," the de facto capital of the EU, and change the continent's approach to supporting Ukraine, which is repelling Russia's full-scale invasion.

According to Orban, two opposing political camps will compete in the European Parliament elections - those who are ready to fight Russia and those who are interested in peace with it. He and his associates are representatives of the second camp, and now the EU's governing bodies are dominated by those who are ready for war with Russia.

The Hungarian prime minister also believes that Donald Trump should win the US presidential election. In his opinion, Trump's victory in November will lead to him and the US administration forming a "transatlantic peace coalition" that could put an end to the fighting in Ukraine.

After that, the "peace coalition" will have to deal with the issue of negotiations between Ukraine and Russia, as "it is impossible to defeat Russia," Orban said.

As reported by OBOZ.UA, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban supported China's "peace plan" aimed at "ending the war" in Ukraine. He called this country "one of the pillars" of the multi-center world order of our time and a dominant player in global economic and political processes.

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