Estonia is looking for a way to deport anyone who wants Russian citizenship

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Estonia prepares deportation for Russian citizens

The Estonian government is preparing a program to deport its citizens who wish to obtain Russian citizenship. This initiative has caused controversy in parliament, but Prime Minister Kaja Kallas has pointed to its legitimacy.

This was reported by Postimees. The Russian Federation has violated all international norms by invading the territory of sovereign Ukraine and is in fact a terrorist state.

"We take into account the fact that a person who lives in our country, receives information from independent media and has the opportunity to form a true picture of the war in Ukraine, Russian war crimes, genocide, and wants to voluntarily accept Russian citizenship - this cannot be ignored," Callas emphasized.

In this case, the Police and Border Guard Board is obliged to investigate whether this is a form of support for terrorism, as well as illegal activities against Estonia and its international partners. Thus, the initiative aims to support state security.

"Each case will be considered individually. Of course, if a person really supports Russia's armed aggression against the Ukrainian people, it is worth reconsidering their suitability for living in a European democratic society," the head of the Estonian government said.

As reported by OBOZ.UA, an interesting incident took place in Oslo, the capital of Norway. A Russian man wanted to exchange euros for the local currency, but a bank employee refused him when he saw a passport with a double-headed eagle.

"They said: "We don't exchange with such passports". And this is all because of the sanctions. The situation is, to put it mildly, unpleasant. I didn't think there would be any problems with the cash. If it wasn't for the 200 kroons I took in St. Petersburg just in case, I wouldn't have even made it to the city," complained the holder of the "unusable" passport.

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