China is interested in the continuation of Ukraine war - Umland

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Umland explains why China benefits from the war in Ukraine. Source:

Russia's war against Ukraine is beneficial for China, and it wants to gain certain advantages. Judging by the way Beijing supports Moscow in its aggression against our country, it is clearly interested in its continuation.

This was stated by Andreas Umland, PhD in History and Political Science and analyst at the Stockholm Center for Eastern European Studies in a commentary to OBOZ.Talk.

"Over the past year, it seems that China is actually interested in this war and will get something out of it, otherwise it would not have supported Russia so much economically," he said.

According to Umland, if the United States and China came to an agreement, the situation would be completely different.

"But I'm afraid that this will not happen. Or if Trump becomes president, there will be pressure on Ukraine to end the war and give up territory to Russia. And this will, of course, be a big problem for the entire international system because then this whole system, which was created in 1945 after World War II, will be questioned," the analyst says.

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